Tools for Business Success Webinars

July 07, 2016 - 1:30pm

Webinar 1 - Wednesday, 20th July 2016 (concluded)

Your business now

How do you find out what you need to do to keep your business moving? How do you make sure that you’re doing things right and doing the right things.

In this session we introduce some tools you can use to explore your business and find opportunities for change. We then go through one tool in depth- the Business Model Canvas.

  • Benchmarking (brief explanation)
  • PEST - (brief explanation)
  • Your activities - (brief explanation)
  • SWOT - (brief explanation)
  • The Business Model Canvas in detail

Webinar 2 - Wednesday, 3rd August 2016 - Register here

Your customers

In the last session you used tools to look for opportunities for change or innovation. What did you find?

In this session we are going to look at what your customers might want or need and then go through an one tool in depth to understand your customers as people so you find opportunities for innovation and change.

  • Customer segments- (brief explanation).
  • Customer channels - (brief explanation).
  • Personas and journey maps in detail.

Webinar 3 - Wednesday, 17th August 2016 - Register here

Making change in your business

In the last sessions you looked at your business and your customers. You probably have a few ideas that you might like to take forward. How do you do that?

In this session we are going to use a model for innovative thinking -See Think Do – Explanation and some tools you can use to make sure that you are solving the right problem and can come up with a workable solution.

  • Catalyst Chat Sheet - (brief explanation)
  • Reframing - (brief explanation)
  • Challenge Criteria - brief explanation
  • Brainstorming- (brief explanation)
  • Prototyping - in detail.

Webinar 4 - Wednesday, 31st August 2016 - Register here

Developing your workforce

Now that you have come up with some ideas for change, you have to work out what your workforce needs. Do you need more sales people? More design skills? Digital skills?

There is a defined process for exploring your future skill needs and we’ll go through it now.

  • Current Audit
  • Future Needs
  • Individual skills
  • Skill gaps and finding solutions
  • Leadership skills

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