Business Transition Webinars

May 18, 2016 - 9:00am

After the widely acclaimed Business Transition Seminars held around the country late last year, this year run these sessions via four webinars with updated data, including providing the latest Industry Benchmarking results.

If you’re interested in hard data of what the industry is doing in your market segment, and help to decide “which way next” to build business value, then these are not to be missed webinars.

Click on the links below to watch the webinars now.

The presenter is again be Richard Rasmussen. Richard has worked in the industry for 35 years, the past 10 of which have been with Ascent Partners, a specialist industry provider of business appraisals, valuations, business sales and related consultancy services.


Webinar 1 - Wednesday 27th April 12:30 pm - Watch it now

NEW Benchmarking Results – Business Profitability and key KPIs by Market Segment.

We compare FY 14 and FY 15 results pertaining to business profitability and Key Performance Indicators in five revenue bands – $0-$700K, $700K to $1.5 mill., $1.5 mill. to $3.0 mill., $3.0 mill. to $9.0 mill. and $9.0 mill. Plus.
Trends are also provided on the changing work mix within these segments.  We will also advise the benefits of Benchmarking and how to register. 


Webinar 2 - Wednesday 11th May 12:30 pm
- Watch it now

Industry Analysis – Industry Consolidation Activity and Trends

We provide real data of what has occurred in the past four years – mergers, acquisitions, closures, capital equipment sales and installations with specific focus on recent events. 

Webinar 3 -  Wednesday 25th May 12:30 pm
- Watch it now

Business Valuations – Overview and drivers to increase business value 

We provide basic information on how print related business are valued, and the key drivers to increase value.

Webinar 4   - Wednesday 15th June 12.30pm
- register here.

Business Transition Strategies to improve business value.

We provide seven transition strategies that could be considered whether you are looking to grow, scale back, improve profits, or sell / move into business succession phase. We also provide details of the subsidised Business Transition Planning Service that Future Print provides.


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